The company has a good reputation in the Egyptian market is working in the import and export of agricultural equipment with high efficiency and international standards (such as agricultural tractors of various capacities, threshers, harvesters, sprayers, ploughs ,tractors tires, agricultural machinery and irrigation ,different kinds of agricultural trailers, submersible pumps,,, etc.). -

Our experience, which extends nearly to 40 years in the
agricultural field has the capacity to meet all the needs of the Egyptian market in terms of quality of equipment and compliance with the latest international standards.Since 2000 The Company’s activity has been expanded

 – Showrooms and distributors, covering all over the Arab Republic of Egypt.

- We have the original spare parts for our products and we are an exclusive agent of  NCK Company in Egypt. – We have a team of engineers and technicians with expertise for the maintenance of equipment to service after the sale.

Our goals: --

         Renaissance agricultural situation and save time and efforts on the Egyptian farmer

           Expansion of the company’s import and export of all products and commercial agencies

-Hoping to serve its specialized market segments in Egypt, and put Egypt on the global economic map

We undertake to further progress and development

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