Brush cutter

Product Description:


Petrol Grass Trimmer Model No.:                BC-430

Engine:                                                              1E40F-5A
Engine type:                                                      Air cooling single cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement:                                                 42.7CC
Rated output power:                                       1.65KW/8000rpm
Form of Carburetor:                                        Diaphragm
Mixed Fuel Ratio:                                             1:35

Tank Capacity (L):                                           1.2
Diameter of Aluminum Pipe (mm):              26
Carrying type:                                                   Side-attached
Ladling speed:                                                   2800-3200r/min

Max Power:                                                       8000-8500r/min
Engine N. W:                                                     3.5kg
Machine weight:                                               7.7kg
Product Size:                                                    1850X600X400mm
Engine Packing size:                                      35X30X28.5cm
Shaft Packing size:                                         165X10X11cm